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I should have probably called this article, "How to buy a non-brand battery so you don't die."

s5 explode

Chinese replacement batteries for the Galaxy S5 are life threatening.

Keep reading if you don't want to blow up your smartphone! The proof is in the article.

If you don't have time, here's a fast link to a comparison table.

Now let's start with a comparison of Samsung vs OEM brands.

* OEM is an original equipment manufacturer, a company that makes a battery used in Samsung phones. When you see "OEM Samsung," it isn't Samsung!

In short, the original Samsung batteries for Galaxy S5 are the best.

Without going into the details, the genuine Samsung batteries are highly efficient. They provide about 95% of the rated mAh value in the long run, while off-brand products can only offer 60% efficiency, or even less.

A Samsung battery will serve you for 1.5 to 2 years while its OEM counterpart lasts only 3 or 5 months.

How is this possible?

Because Samsung batteries have next-generation technology in comparison with non-name brands.

If you don't want to regularly buy & replace batteries, then the original Samsung product is your only choice.

So...why not just buy them?

It is almost impossible to find genuine Galaxy S5 batteries nowadays since they are no longer manufactured by Samsung..

Most Samsung batteries available on eBay, Amazon, or Best Buy are used or fake, and their quality leaves much to be desired.

Secondhand dealers don't provide any warranty at all. If you are unlucky, this battery may break down after a week of use, and you won't be able to do anything about it.

But...if you can find a new, official Galaxy S5 battery, then you should buy it without any hesitation.

Sometimes sellers (such as this one at Amazon from NHeStore) offer leftovers of original Galaxy S5 batteries.

So, don't hurry. When you are looking for a cheap product, the first offer you find may be worse than the battery that is now in your phone. Check the marketplace from time to time if you want to buy a battery that will last for years.

They can still be found today!

Keep in mind that genuine Samsung batteries are rather expensive — you will have to pay about 30-80 dollars.

That's extremely expensive! Maybe it's better to buy a few batteries for $10?

s5 explode

Yes, that is expensive. But cheap replacement batteries not only have a short lifetime, they really are very dangerous.

They come without protective microchips that prevent the device from overheating and overcharging.

How a low-quality battery can destroy your smartphone

What exactly can happen if your smartphone overheats? Well, there are several possible outcomes, including:

  • overheat It can slowly melt the motherboard of the smartphone, which causes permanent reboots, bugs and glitches;
  • ignition The battery can suddenly catch fire (yes, it may literally set fire to your clothes or furniture);
  • explosion Your Galaxy S5 may blow up. And this not funny at all. When you hear the news that a Samsung battery exploded, in almost all cases, an inexpensive battery from a third-party manufacturer was inserted in the phone.

The $400 phone will be destroyed by a battery for $10. How ironic!

What else can happen?

Okay, let's see:

  • swell Can it swell and break the phone screen? Easy!
  • acid charge Can it pour acid into your phone? Of course it can!
  • block the NFC Can it block the NFC microchip and Google Wallet? Yep!
  • slow charging Can it stop charging from the mains a week after the purchase? Surely!
  • no recognizes Can your phone no longer recognize the battery a week later? Yeah!
  • not required amperage Can it provide less than the required amperage? Well, you understand...
  • low lifetime Another common problem of off-brand batteries is their short lifespan. Most of them start to deteriorate after several months of use.

Sounds crazy? You can find proof below. Keep reading.

Okay, Okay. Stop. How can I choose a SAFE battery from third-party manufacturers?

Here is the list of common mistakes customers make while choosing an off-brand battery for Galaxy S5:

Mistake 1: Choosing the battery by capacity. Most Asian manufacturers lie about the actual capacity of their batteries, so you can't rely on this attribute.

Ok, this is really crazy, so let's get a little more detailed.

There is an AccuBattery application for Android:

Perhaps you've already used it. But for those who do not know about this, it shows the actual capacity of your battery.

At the declared capacity of 6400 mAh, a battery can actually contain 3000 mAh.

I'm serious. Proof.

In fact, the battery may be less capacious than your original, despite the declared large capacity.

Mistake 2: Choosing the battery by the warranty period. Chinese companies may promise you a great warranty deal. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them will simply ignore you, which makes the warranty useless.

What do I mean?

  1. You buy a battery.
  2. You are promised a 24 month warranty.
  3. The battery dies after three months, so you apply for support. If you are lucky, you will be answered.
  4. You get a new battery from support.
  5. This battery dies after one month. (LOL, but this is a real case. Proof.)

You are applying for support again... Bingo!

Mistake 3: Choosing the battery by customer reviews. This is a bad idea because most buyers write them within a few weeks after purchase. Even products with a positive user score may become useless over a couple of months.

Mistake 4: Buying the cheapest replacement battery. You can save some of your money by choosing a 10-dollar or even five-dollar product. However, do note that it may completely destroy your expensive smartphone. If I were you, I would not risk it.

Considering the above, all off-brand batteries suck, and the brand's battery isn't on sale.

Our goal is to pick the best option out of the worst and make sure it won't harm you or your smartphone.

Let's start the comparison!

Scroll is under table ➔ 

Name and Features What is this item best for? Price (from) Depth Offering Capacity
(From Seller)
Real Capacity
(AccuBattery Test)
WiFi test MP3s test 3G test SD video test Lifetime
(From Reviews)
Water resistant (case) Charging speed NFS chip Google Wallet Fake support & warranty Overheat Ignition Explosion Swell Acid charge Phone no recognizes battery Not required amperage Suitable for S5 G900V (Verizon) Suitable for S5 G900P (Sprint) Suitable for S5 G900T (T-Mobile) Suitable for S5 G900A (AT&T) Suitable for S5 G900F Suitable for S5 G900H Suitable for S5 G900R4 Suitable for S5 I9600 Suitable for S5 G900W8 Suitable for S5 G900BVB Suitable for S5 G870A
1. Samsung Battery
[Best choice if you can buy it]
$ 60
0.2 inches
2800 mAh
2800 mAh
10 h
18 h
10 h
9 h
18 months
1 h
No cases
2. Anker Battery
[The longest lifetime for OEM]
$ 25
0.2 inches
2800 mAh
2800 mAh
10 h
18 h
9 h
8 h
3.2 months
1.5 h
No cases
not required amperage
3. Acevan Battery
[Safest (out of the worst) OEM battery]
$ 15
0.2 inches
2950 mAh
2950 mAh
11 h
22 h
10 h
9 h
2.4 months
1 h
acid charge
not required amperage
4. JUBOTY UPG. Battery
[Best reliability and capacity balance]
$ 40
1.1 inches
6500 mAh
5600 mAh
19 h
37 h
18 h
16 h
1.7 months
3 h
no recognizes
not required amperage
5. iPosible Battery
[Best capacity after purchase]
$ 29
1.1 inches
8800 mAh
7500 mAh
26 h
49 h
24 h
21 h
1.5 months
3 h
No cases
no recognizes
6. X-Power Battery
[Also good capacity + not heated]
$ 22
1.1 inches
7800 mAh
7000 mAh
24 h
46 h
22 h
20 h
1.4 months
2 h
No cases
7. DAXTROMN Battery
$ 15
0.59 inches
2800 mAh
2800 mAh
10 h
18 h
9 h
8 h
0.9 months
1.5 h
No cases
not required amperage
8. MAXBEAR Battery
$ 26
0.2 inches
3300 mAh
2800 mAh
10 h
18 h
9 h
8 h
2 months
1.2 h
not required amperage
9. JUBOTY Battery
$ 26
0.45 inches
6400 mAh
3000 mAh
9 h
17 h
8 h
8 h
1.7 months
3 h
no recognizes
not required amperage
10. PowerBear Battery
$ 20
0.2 inches
2800 mAh
2800 mAh
8 h
16 h
8 h
7 h
1.9 months
2 h
acid charge
no recognizes
not required amperage
№ 1. Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery (2800mAh) - Certainly this one is the best, but only if you can find the original battery.
Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery
Declared Capacity: 2800 mAh

This the authentic battery replacement for Galaxy S5 from Samsung. As I have already said, the company doesn't manufacture it anymore so it is nearly impossible to find new, genuine batteries. This is the most reliable and effective spare part you can get, so I sincerely recommend you buy it despite the high price.

Okay. The fact that this battery is the best is understandable.

Let's start the hunting season for a genuine Samsung battery.

Our goal:

  1. Find it.
  2. Avoid forgery.

It's really not easy!

Let's start the quest (actual for autumn 2018). We'll begin with coupons and visit Samsung's official site.

If you find there is something cheaper than $50, use the coupon code: rXu3670. This will give a discount of 50%.

If more than $50, use the coupon code: NPR-14G-QKY-WSZ. This will give a 10% discount.

Let's start the search from here:

Unfortunately, it's empty. But we didn't expect it to be easy.

Go to Amazon. Yes, we know there are a lot of fakes here.

They cannot deceive us. We will not blindly take everything that has in the title "Samsung battery".

What do we do?

  1. Let's try to find separate batteries, which may be similar to the original.
  2. Let's try to find "kits" containing our battery or several.

Kits? Why should we do this?

Because creating a replica of the complete set is not as interesting as copying the top seller. At the same time, it can contain exactly the same battery, the ORIGINAL BATTERY, that we're hunting for.

OK. Type in the Amazon search, "samsung s5 battery,"...and you don't get anything. Instead of brand batteries, the screen is filled with variegated options from one-day firms.

This will require effort.

So we find the goods:


Let's look around. We see three more batteries:


All of them are offered in a complete set with a charger of the firm “Zacro." Why is "Zacro" bundled with original batteries? Who is "Zacro"?


Well, because the original battery from Samsung never cost $10. Never! Even on the official website with all the discounts.

The proof? For example, Best Buy is a certified service center for Samsung. As you know, newer versions of Samsung batteries have become non-removable. Let's look at the nominal price of the "Samsung service center":

For the battery replacement, the official service requests $50; in fact, it is nominal costs. And it's not in a shortage of batteries, which are no longer in production.

Why am I writing this?

We return to Amazon, to the pages of our batteries, and click on the list of sellers. Ignore everyone who offers a "brand" battery for $5, $10, $15, etc. We are looking for a price similar to the real one.


We click all four links, since the real seller can be in any of them. It's usually difficult for sellers to place an ad, so we can get an interesting offer anywhere.

We rely on luck and click all that are there.

If you are lucky, then you can find a sale on the original batteries.

This battery is not enough for everyone. But it's worth a try.

If you found a price different from $10 (although we will be honest, it can be, for example, $60, and this is really expensive), then you need to inspect the seller's store some more.

If the seller specializes in branded goods (not only in batteries and cheap accessories), including the Samsung brand, quickly buy a battery from him.

If you can buy it, you get the best battery!

If you are unlucky and for all of the links above there is only 10-dollar trash, you must try the second method.

We are looking for kits. For example, a battery with a Samsung charger.

Something like this:

Or this:

Pay attention to the rating — almost five stars. This is because we have moved away from the "individual" batteries, of which are produced many fakes because it is mainstream. To fake a kit is more difficult. And they are not so popular.

For us, it's the opposite to obtain goods.

Just like the first time. We click on sellers, ignore all suspicious ones, and get our battery.

Good luck!

How long should the battery last? I tested.

  • Using 3G internet - 10 hours
  • Listening to MP3s - 18 hours
  • Using Wi-Fi - 10 hours
  • Playing an SD-quality video - 9 hours
  • Using NFS chip - Yes

Samsung uses Grade A+ cells that provide amazing efficiency and hold the charge very well. The battery supports the fast charging technology so it can be fully charged in less than an hour. It will save you a lot of time, especially if you are an active smartphone user.

However, there are many counterfeits on the market, so you should carefully read the product description before ordering. The authentic Galaxy S5 charging system comes in retail packaging with hologram stickers and is made in Korea (not in Japan or China).

Suitable for: G900V (Verizon), G900P (Sprint), G900T (T-Mobile), G900A (AT&T), G900F, G900H, G900R4, I9600

Grade A+ cells guarantee quick charging and good longevity;
Comes with a carrying case;
Compatible with NFC;
Can be charged separately from the smartphone;
Provides over 500 charge cycles.
There are many counterfeits of this product;
High price for original item.
№ 2. Galaxy S5 Li-ion Battery from Anker (2800 mAh) - In fact the only OEM battery that have a really long lifetime. The best budget option if you can find it (It's discontinued).
Galaxy S5 Extended Battery from Acevan (2950 mAh)
Declared Capacity: 2800 mAh

This is a premium Samsung Galaxy S5 replacement battery, which has exactly the same characteristics as the original spare part. The product fits the smartphone perfectly, so you can use it together with the original back cover. It is one of the best options from third-party manufacturers in terms of efficiency and assembly quality. Unfortunately, Anker have stopped producing it so there aren't many of them left on the market.

It's really good one

According to the manufacturer, this battery replacement comes with certified Grade A cells that guarantee up to 500 charge cycles. They aren't as good as Grade A+ cells but the quality is amazing giving the low price. Thanks to the built-in chip, the device is fully protected from overcharging and overheating. Rest assured that your Samsung Galaxy S5 won't be damaged.

Where can you get it?

First, here is their official website:

We wrote them to e-mail.

Answer from Anker Support:

«Thank you for contacting us and sorry for the delayed reply. We apologize for all the inconvenience. I am sorry to advise you that the A6091021 has been out of stock, and we have no idea when it is available, so we remove the listing. Apologies again for all this inconvenience and thanks for your time.»

You can also try your luck on eBay:

  • Using 3G internet - 9 hours
  • Listening to MP3s - 18 hours
  • Using Wi-Fi - 10 hours
  • Playing an SD-quality video - 8 hours
  • Using NFS chip - No

Anker is a very popular company with an impeccable reputation. It has many fans among gadget enthusiasts. Hundreds of customers from the United States and other countries have tried their products. This is a highly efficient battery replacement for everyday use. The only disadvantage of this product is the lack of NFC support.

Suitable for: G900V (Verizon), G900P (Sprint), G900T (T-Mobile), G900A (AT&T), G900F, G900H, G900R4, I9600, G900W8, G900R4, G900BVB, G870A

Cheaper than the OEM battery;
18-month warranty;
Has the same specs as the original product.
Not compatible with either NFC or Google Wallet;
The product is discontinued by manufacturer, so it is hard to find it.
№ 3. Galaxy S5 Extended Battery from Acevan (2950 mAh) - The best choice for those who want the maximum safety and lifetime from OEM battery (The lifetime means the time before the battery is no longer charging, not the capacity)
Galaxy S5 Extended Battery from Acevan (2950 mAh)
Declared Capacity: 2950 mAh

This battery from Acevan takes the first place in our list. This is a good replacement battery for Galaxy S5 that works with the standard back cover. It provides a slightly better capacity (2950 mAh instead of 2800 mAh) and performs as good as the original li-ion battery. The product is manufactured in compliance with all the modern quality standards. It uses Grade A+ battery cells that guarantee quick charging and good longevity.

Increased reliability

The item has the same size as the standard Galaxy S5 battery so you won't have to use non-original back covers. It is much cheaper than the new battery from Samsung. We recommend you to save your money and buy it instead of OEM replacement. This battery has a built-in protective microchip so you won't have to worry about destroying your smartphone. It is impossible to overcharge, overheat, or short-circuit this item.

Where can you get this one?

Check the price at Amazon:

Also try this link (Compare with Price from eBay):

How long should the battery last? I tested.

  • Using 3G internet - 10 hours
  • Listening to MP3s - 22 hours
  • Using Wi-Fi - 11 hours
  • Playing an SD-quality video - 9 hours
  • Using NFS chip - Yes

We have contacted real buyers of this product and here is what they told us about it after using it for 6 months:

Kenneth Carpenter

It does not hold a charge after 6 months of use.

After I unplug the smartphone charger, the charger instantly drops down by 40% (this is one of the worst results — that is why I highly recommend you to use the genuine Samsung battery).

On the positive side, it does not overheat.

It doesn't destroy your phone (no cases to date)

Galaxy S5 Extended Battery from Acevan (2950 mAh)

Thousands of customers from all over the world have tried this product. This is a great battery replacement. Acevan offers a three-year warranty. You will be able to get a refund or a replacement if you receive a malfunctioning item. The price is very good and the number of satisfied buyers is large so you aren't risking anything by ordering it.

Watch the Video Review on Youtube.

Suitable for: G900V (Verizon), G900P (Sprint), G900T (T-Mobile), G900A (AT&T), G900F, G900H, G900R4, I9600

Overheating protection;
Short-circuiting protection;
Over-charging protection;
Same size as standard Samsung Galaxy S5 battery;
Three-year warranty.
The included USB cable is bad;
№ 4. Galaxy S5 Extended Battery from JUBOTY (6500 mAh) - You get the best safety and capacity for the outdoor weekend (You can use it for a couple of months, then buy a new one)
Galaxy S5 Extended Battery from JUBOTY (6500 mAh)
Declared Capacity: 6500 mAh

We like this extended battery for a very nice design of the back cover and protective case. They look awesome! To be honest, we did not expect such high-quality materials from this manufacturer. The entire package is rather cheap but it comes in a beautiful box with separate compartments for the cover, case and the battery itself.

It makes the phone thick

Being much larger than the original Samsung Galaxy S5 battery, this item from JUBOTY cannot be used with the standard back cover. Nevertheless, as we have already mentioned, the replacement cover is as good as the original. It is made of soft-touch plastic with a beautiful texture that feels really nice. The protective case is made with the same material but it is a bit thicker. You can put it on top of the cover or don't use it at all.

Where can you get battery?


  • Using 3G internet - 18 hours
  • Listening to MP3s - 37 hours
  • Using Wi-Fi - 19 hours
  • Playing an SD-quality video - 16 hours
  • Using NFS chip - No

According to AccuBattery, the actual capacity differs from the one claimed by the manufacturer.

Here is what users think about this product after using it for three months:

Sonia Austin

It loses 10% charge per hour even when I am not using the smartphone.

However, it does not heat up. Seems like the built-in protective microchips work really well.

Charge for capacity

The only drawback of these covers is the lack of NFC support. JUBOTY made a great product that can vastly increase the run time of your Samsung Galaxy S5. This extended battery is not compatible with NFC and the included charger leaves much to be desired. If you don't use Google Wallet then it is a great replacement for your old Galaxy S5 battery. The item comes with a 24-month warranty so you should not worry about the quality of the battery itself.

Suitable for: G900T (T-Mobile), G900F, G900A (AT&T), I9600, G900V (Verizon)

Comes with a great back cover and a protective case;
Protected from overcharging and overheating;
24-month warranty.
Not compatible with either NFC or Google Wallet;
The battery is rather heavy;
The included charger is cheap and ineffective.
№ 5. Samsung Galaxy S5 Replacement Battery from iPosible with NFC (8800 mAh) - Extended Battery with NFC
Samsung Galaxy S5 Replacement Battery from iPosible with NFC (8800 mAh)
Declared Capacity: 8800 mAh

If you need a new battery with the highest capacity, take a look at this option from iPosible. It delivers 8800 mAh of power, which is enough for over 100 hours of usage. This is very impressive! However, the battery is very thick and heavy — your Samsung Galaxy S5 will start to weight significantly more. If you aren't OK with that, this product is a bad choice for you.

NFS is available!

Despite its thickness, this replacement battery allows you to use NFC features of the smartphones. It also has all the needed protection from overheating and overcharging. The USB cable is not included in the package but you can use your original cable to charge the iPosible battery. Do note that it longer than normal to recharge due to increased capacity.

Where to buy it?


  • Using 3G internet - 24 hours
  • Listening to MP3s - 49 hours
  • Using Wi-Fi - 26 hours
  • Playing an SD-quality video - 21 hours
  • Using NFS chip - Yes

According to the AccuBattery app, the actual capacity is much lower than it should be.

Check feedback from people who have been using this battery for three months:

Bella Fleming

The battery life was reduced to half a day even though I am not an active smartphone user.

After three months of use It can only hold a charge for up to 6 hours.

Lesa Wood

It makes the smartphone noticeably hotter.

The plastic holder that keeps the battery in place broke down.

The most expensive of the list

The extended battery comes with a so-called protective case. In fact, it functions as a back cover and doesn't seem to have any protective abilities. Moreover, we did not like its appearance. The cover looks like a cheap piece of plastic: it doesn't have any texture and feels bad in hand. If you really need a battery with high capacity, you may put up with these problems. Otherwise, we recommend you to find another option.

Suitable for: G900T (T-Mobile), G900V (Verizon), I9600, G900F, G900A (AT&T)

Has a built-in NFC chip;
Very high capacity;
Protected from short-circuiting, overcharging, and overheating;
18-month warranty.
The protective case actually functions as a back cover and it doesn't seem sturdy at all;
The battery is very thick and heavy.
Battery starts to quickly discharge after 3 months of usage.
№ 6. X-Power Extended Battery for Galaxy S5 (7800 mAh) - Extended Battery for All Versions
X-Power Extended Battery for Galaxy S5 (7800 mAh)
Declared Capacity: 7800 mAh

Yet another high capacity replacement battery for Samsung Galaxy S5. The manufacturer claims that it delivers 7800 mAh of power that will keep your smartphone charged throughout a couple of days. It was tested under strict quality control standards and received CE and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) certificates, so its efficiency and longevity don't raise any doubts.

It looks cool

The back cover, which is shipped with the removable battery itself, looks just like the original Samsung Galaxy S5 back cover. It fits the smartphone perfectly and looks very expensive. X-Power did a great job with it! We think that this back cover is the best among all other options in this list.

Where to buy?


  • Using 3G internet - 22 hours
  • Listening to MP3s - 46 hours
  • Using Wi-Fi - 24 hours
  • Playing an SD-quality video - 20 hours
  • Using NFS chip - No

The AccuBattery app claims that this battery offers slightly less power than it should.

We could not find any negative reviews about this product. Some customers were disappointed with the lifetime (it breaks down after three months of use), but it is a standard period for off-brand batteries. Another user complained that it was less efficient than his used Samsung batteries.

Considering that, we have preemptively placed this battery at the top of our rating.

Nevertheless, this is a very young brand and you should not trust it yet.

No guarantee

As to the battery life, it is beyond average. It takes about an hour to fully charge and lasts through the whole day of active usage. If you play hardcore games or watch video in Full-HD, you will get decent 4-5 hours of work. Unfortunately, we could not find any information regarding the warranty period. Seems like this extended battery doesn't have it at all. Probably, that is the reason why it is so cheap. If you are OK with this fact, then we see no reason why you should buy X-Power extended battery replacement.

Suitable for: I9600, G900V (Verizon), G900A (AT&T), G900T (T-Mobile), G900F

Shipped with a beautiful back cover;
Protected from overcharging and overheating;
Significantly increases the run time of Samsung Galaxy S5;
Has a very low price tag.
Not compatible with NFC;
doesn't have a warranty.
№ 7. Galaxy S5 Battery from DAXTROMN (2800 mAh) - Replacement Battery for the Galaxy S5
Galaxy S5 Battery from DAXTROMN (2800 mAh)
Declared Capacity: 2800 mAh

A cheap and reliable battery replacement for Samsung Galaxy S5. It has the same capacity as the original battery so you can use it with the original back cover. The product fits the smartphone perfectly. You won't notice any differences in comparison to the standard battery! If you want a light and cheap replacement for your older Galaxy S5 battery this is a great option for you.

You can use Google Wallet

This DAXTROMN battery works with NFC and Google Wallet without any restrictions. You can continue to wirelessly share contacts and file using this technology, as well as perform contactless payments. The device is certified according to FCC (FCC Declaration of Conformity), CE and RoHS standards, which makes it absolutely safe to use. It is protected from overheating, overloading and short-circuiting.

  • Using 3G internet - 9 hours
  • Listening to MP3s - 18 hours
  • Using Wi-Fi - 10 hours
  • Playing an SD-quality video - 8 hours
  • Using NFS chip - Yes

Here is what users say about this battery after using it for three months:

Paul Collins

It drops from 100% to 82% in only 20 minutes. Another 20 minutes bring it down to 58%. It completely discharges in less than three hours.

The battery makes my Galaxy S5 overheat. I cannot fully charge it because of that.

The battery completely drained in six hours.

Makes telephone overheat, causing random restarts.

Sergio Rivera

It holds a charge for only three hours of moderate use;

The smartphone becomes pretty hot;

It stopped working at all. I am very disappointed!

Money back guarantee

The item comes with a transparent screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S5, which is a nice bonus. Moreover, you are getting 24 months warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. If you happen to receive a malfunctioning item it will be quickly replaced or refunded. Considering the number of positive customer reviews you should not even worry about that as this battery works just as advertised.

Suitable for: G900A, G900T (T-Mobile), G900A (AT&T), G900R4, G900V (Verizon), G900P (Sprint), G900P

Protected from overcharging, overheating and short-circuiting;
Comes with 24 months warranty;
Fits the smartphone perfectly;
Offers a good value;
Shipped with a transparent protective screen for Galaxy S5;
Compatible with NFC and Google Wallet.
doesn't offer extra power (it has the same specifications as the original Samsung S5 battery).
Battery starts to quickly discharge after a few months of usage.
№ 8. MAXBEAR Galaxy S5 Battery (3300 mAh) - Replacement Li-Ion Battery for the Galaxy S5
MAXBEAR Galaxy S5 Battery (3300 mAh)
Declared Capacity: 3300 mAh

This is another replacement battery for Samsung Galaxy S5 that can be used with the original back cover. However, capacity of this model is 3300 mAh, which is nearly 20% larger compared to the original battery. The product is manufactured by MAXBEAR, a trustworthy company that makes spare parts for many kinds of smartphones and tablets.

It works well the first days

This battery is made from Grade A+ cells so you don't have to worry about the efficiency and speed of the charging. It has CE (Read more about CE marking) and RoHS certificates and ensures over 600 repeated battery charge cycles, which is more than enough for three years of active use. Just like the OEM version of Samsung Galaxy S5 battery, it has a built-in chip, which protects the device from overheating, discharging and short-circuiting.

  • Using 3G internet - 9 hours
  • Listening to MP3s - 18 hours
  • Using Wi-Fi - 10 hours
  • Playing an SD-quality video - 8 hours
  • Using NFS chip - Yes

According to the AccuBattery app, capacity of this battery differs from the advertised value.

We have talked with users of this product and here is what they said about it:

Tim Chavez

The battery started to overheat after a couple of weeks

Javier Fields

This battery overheated after 4 days of use and destroyed by AT&T smartphone!

It makes my smartphone to randomly turn off and on. The screen turns black and there is nothing I can do about it;

Not suitable for some models

This replacement battery allows using the smartphone for a much longer period. It comes with 12 month warranty so you should be able to send it back to the manufacturer and get a replacement if you face any issues. Keep in mind that the item is a bit thicker than the original Samsung Galaxy S5 battery so it is ill-suited for the back cover with built-in QI receiver.

Suitable for: G900A (AT&T), G900P (Sprint)

doesn't block the NFC chip of the phone;
Works with the standard back cover;
Comes with 12 month warranty;
Lasts over 600 battery charge cycles.
Thicker than the original EB-BG900BBZ battery, which makes it hard to close the cover with the additional QI wireless receiver.
№ 9. JUBOTY Galaxy S5 Extended Battery (6400 mAh) - Replacement Battery for the Samsung Galaxy S5
JUBOTY Galaxy S5 Extended Battery (6400 mAh)
Declared Capacity: 6400 mAh

This Samsung Galaxy S5 replacement battery is made for those people who cannot live without their smartphones. It offers an impressive capacity of 6400 mAh, adding more up to 2.8X power than the original Samsung EB-BG900BBU battery. The product is manufactured with Grade A cells so it should last for up to 500 charge cycles.

Increases the weight of the phone

Giving the capacity of this battery, no wonder why it so thick. You won't be able to use it with the standard Galaxy S5 back cover. However, the battery comes with the replacement back cover. Additionally, you will get a protective case. Both cover and case look good and feel nice in hand, but they make the smartphone very bulky and block the NFC chip, which makes the use of Google Wallet impossible. You don't have to use the protective TPU case if you don't want to make your smartphone heavier. We liked that manufacturer left us a choice and some users will definitely find protective case convenient.

  • Using 3G internet - 8 hours
  • Listening to MP3s - 17 hours
  • Using Wi-Fi - 9 hours
  • Playing an SD-quality video - 8 hours
  • Using NFS chip - No

According to AccuBattery, the battery capacity is lower than in should be. We have contacted buyers of this battery and they shared their thoughts about it after 3 months of use:

Travis Banks

This product stops working after three months of use.

After only 20 minutes of use, the charge drops from 100% to 50%. This is a terrible product! It made my smartphone randomly restart;

The battery overheated so hard that I nearly burned myself; The overheat protection does not work at all! My smartphone is destroyed!

Jesse West

It stopped working after 8 weeks of use. The battery does not charge anymore. Now I cannot even properly check my e-mail or browse the internet!

The built-in protective microchips have broke down and my smartphone was destroyed because of that. The battery becomes swollen.

Good case

This extended battery is easy to install and the quality of the protective case is beyond expectations. In terms of battery life, the product is also great. It easily lasts for one day of heavy usage, which is a very impressive result. The manufacturer offers 24-month warranty, so you can safely buy this item if you want to prolong the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Suitable for: G900H, G900A (AT&T), I9600, G900P (Sprint), G900V (Verizon), G900T (T-Mobile)

Comes with the protective case;
24-month warranty;
Lasts up to 500 battery charge cycles.
It is very heavy and bulky;
Not compatible with either NFC or Google Wallet.
№ 10. PowerBear Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery (2800 mAh) - Replacement Battery for the Galaxy S5
PowerBear Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery (2800 mAh)
Declared Capacity: 2800 mAh

This battery offers the standard capacity of 2800 mAh and its price is far from the best. However, this is a high-quality product that will serve you at least 36 months. If you are looking for a good replacement for your old original Galaxy S5 battery without increased capacity, this is the best option that money can buy.

Quick charge

This li-ion battery is made from certified Grade A+ cells that ensure an effective high-speed charge. It requires slightly less time to fully charge in comparison to original battery, which is very convenient if you are in a hurry. Thanks to the built-in chip, the battery is fully protected from overcharging and overheating.

  • Using 3G internet - 8 hours
  • Listening to MP3s - 16 hours
  • Using Wi-Fi - 8 hours
  • Playing an SD-quality video - 7 hours
  • Using NFS chip - Yes

We decided to interview real buyers and here is what they have told us about it.

After three months of use:

Amber Griffin

The battery smells burnt. As for the battery life, it was fully charged at 7:30. By 10:05, it dropped down to 62%.

Then PowerBear battery literally explode! They burned a hole in our bedside table, filled the entire house with terrible smoke and completely destroyed the smartphone.

Gary Hale

Lifespan of this battery is three months. Then this battery becomes swollen.

I did not even use my smartphone but the charge dropped from 100% to 65% in only 2 hours. My Galaxy S5 started to randomly restart.

Used with original cover

During our tests, it turned out that it cannot hold the charge after only a few months of usage. You should keep that in mind! It perfectly fits Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S5 Active, so you won't even need to replace the original cover. The manufacturer offers 36 months warranty, which says a lot about the quality of this battery. Considering all the above, this is one of the best option on the market and you can be sure that it will work fine for a long time.

Suitable for: G900A (AT&T), G900T (T-Mobile), G900F, G900V (Verizon), I9600

Built-in overcharging and overheating protection;
Thoroughly tested for compliance;
Perfectly fits the phone;
Provides over 500 charge cycles.
Offers the standard capacity of 2800 mAh, just like the OEM battery for Samsung Galaxy S5.
This battery starts to quickly discharge after a few months of usage.

S5 Replacement Battery Buying Guide

Sooner or later, the original battery on your Galaxy S5 will wear out and will no longer provide enough power for active everyday usage. When it happens, some people simply buy a brand-new smartphone. Of course, this will fix the problem, but you don't have to do this. Samsung Galaxy S5 has a removable back cover, which allows you to easily replace the old battery with a new one. This short guide features useful tips for those people who want to do it.

Signs that it is time to replace the Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery

The signs of a failing battery are easy to notice. Obviously, the main indicator is a shortening battery lifespan. When your Galaxy S5 was new, it could be used for a few days without recharging. Nevertheless, when the battery is in the process of failing, it simply cannot hold a charge and may completely discharge in mere hours.

A failing battery can cause faulty signals or other smartphone bugs. You can check your battery by removing it from the smartphone and placing it on a flat table. A good battery should lie flat. If the battery is swollen and wobbles on the table, you have to immediately change it since it could explode inside your Galaxy S5 and completely break it.

Warranty on the Replacement Battery

Before buying a new battery, you should check whether your Galaxy S5 is under manufacturer warranty. Samsung guarantees smartphone batteries for 12 months. If it completely degraded within this period, contact the company to get a replacement free of charge.

Even if you aren't sure whether the battery in your phone is under warranty, we recommend you to call the manufacturer anyway to ask if you can get a replacement for free. If you have a chance to save some money then why not use it?

What are High Capacity Batteries for Galaxy S5?

Modern smartphones such as Galaxy S5 allow you to perform many tasks with it. Considering the increased daily usage on a giant number of applications, most people tend to charge their devices more frequently. Sadly, you may get in a situation when neither a mains nor a vehicle charger is available to recharge a drained Galaxy S5 battery. Replacing the original Samsung battery with a high capacity option is a good solution for active users. High capacity batteries provide significantly longer run time in comparison to the standard one. However, they are thicker and have to be used with a non-original back cover. The vast majority of manufacturers ship high capacity batteries together with a suitable back cover.

How to Replace Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery?

At first, turn off your smartphone completely before attempting to remove the old battery. Make sure the device is clean and dry. Remove the back cover and carefully lift the old battery up and out of the back of the cell phone. Afterward, insert the replacement battery into the back of the phone and put the back cover on. If you are using an extended battery, use the back cover shipped with it. After the job is done, charge your Galaxy S5 before turning the phone on since new batteries require a charging period before use.


Know you knowing how to spot a dying battery in your Samsung Galaxy S5 and manually replace it with a new one. Thanks to our list of the best options, you should be able to choose a good battery that will suit your needs. With a new, fully-charged replacement battery for your smartphone, you will be able to comfortably surf the Internet, play games, watch YouTube, and connect with friends and family members without thinking about recharging your device.
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